Arm Party - Gallery

Arm Party by Monica!

The lovely Tori wearing one of the Buddha bracelets!

The lovely Launa's Arm Party! I love her combination with her macrame bracelets and her gorgeous watch!!

Alicia's gorgeous Arm Party!! Loving the cross and silver bracelet she combined with her PLS bracelet!

Janet showing off her chunky red skull bracelet with her fabulous Raptor ring!

Janet wearing three PLS bracelets!

Janet wearing her PLS bracelet with her Hermes bangle and Rolex! Wow!

Loving the very feminine silvery Arm Party Cathy wore to work!

Beautiful color on Adriana!! Love it!!

Love the rustic leather and suede bracelets on Alma!

Pretty in Pink on Alma!!

Now that's an Arm Party!!! Thank you Janet!!

Can you tell Janet's one of our favorite models? Haha! Here she's also sporting some fabulous necklaces by our good friends at Windsday Handmade Goods!!!

The ever so lovely Janet sporting her new skull bracelets stacked with her watch and her own bracelets!

Saturday's Arm Party courtesy of Krista!!

Saturday's Arm Party courtesy of Reyna!!

Today's Arm Party pic courtesy of Jennifer!! Love the bangles with her Peace Love Swagger Skull bracelet!

Wednesdays Wrist......PLS Arm Party! Skull bracelet: Peace Love Swagger 5x Skull Wrap with Semi Precious Gemstones; Watch: La Mer Bali Stud Layer Wrap; Hamsa Bracelet - brand unknown. 4/4/2012
Mariol's Arm Party!! Hot pink skull bracelet: Peace Love Swagger; Watch: Michele; Leather bracelet: Good Work(s) - 4/3/2012

Mariol's Arm Party!! The red and bone colored skull bracelets are Peace Love Swagger!! Look how gorgeous they look with her Chan Luu wrap, Nixon watch and Chanel bracelet!

Zulma's Arm Party!! My white howlite skull bracelet, and my Properity Skull Bracelet with my La Mer Leather Wrap Watch!

Janet's Arm Party!! Janet's got two skull gemstone bracelets by Peace Love Swagger with her silver Rolex Watch and her red Hermes bangle!

Today's Arm Party!! All bracelets can be found on!

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