Friday, February 24, 2012


This layout was created by a Polyvore user with one of my necklaces. I love this layout they created!

Iconic Reds

Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY - Hello Kitty Bottle Cap Necklaces

Easy to make!
1. Take organza ribbon and 2 strips of cording (from craft shop), cut desired length and take 2 end cords (craft store) glue end cords using E600 glue and pinch them using chain nose pliers (craft store ).
2. You can buy bottle caps online at scrapbook supply stores or jewelry making supply stores. They even have flattened ones (or you can flatten them if you have a steel block and a hammer).
3. Buy epoxy dots online from shops mentioned above. Best invention ever! For bottle caps you need 1 inch size. Carefully cut out one epoxy dot but leave top cover on and place over desired image. Cut out around epoxy dot. Remove top film.
4. Use a needle file or nail file to file the inside of bottle cap a bit. Dab on E600 glue or hypo cement glue. Place epoxy cut out into bottle cap and let dry five minutes!
5. Hopefully you bought the bottle cap with the attached split ring. But if you're a crafter you most likely have the tools for hole punching and attaching rings. And voila you're done! Unless you want to add beads!

Great online shops for beading supplies: Firemountain Gems, Fusion Beads, Beadaholique!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome to My Work Area

I just create all my pieces from my home on my kitchen island since I don't have a separate work/office room. I allow our kitty Athos free range of the house (except my teen son's room otherwise we'd never find him again!). He usually sleeps during the day by sitting in the chair and watching me work until he doses off. Then other times, when he feels he's lacking attention, he does this! Don't worry, this piece will be cleaned once it's finished!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Poetry Contest for The Animal Rescue Site

I entered Athos in the Puppy Love, Kitty Kisses- Photo Poetry Contest through The Animal Rescue Site back on January 20, 2012. Entries had to submit a picture of their rescued pet and a poem about their pet. Well, Phase One of the voting is over and unfortunately my submission didn't make the list of finalists. Booo! Look how adorable he is down below! And if you follow me on Facebook you know how much I adore the little dude! Hmmm, maybe it was my poem? You can read it below and let me know what you think!

 Well, regardless, please vote for the remaining contestants. Everyday that The Animal Rescue Site gets "likes" it gets more money for food and supplies for animals that desperately need it. So if you aren't a fan of their Facebook page please click here and "like" away.

Oh and here's my poem! Tell me what you think!

Athos! The Little Dude! Isn't He Just Adorable?

Athos, The Little Dude!

Litter of three, born in a garage, behind lots of boxes
My brother, sister and I were left like yesterday’s sox’s
After 3 days of whimpers, nothing could be simpler
Discovered by mommy, one look at me and the rest is history
Now living large 25 floors above ground, I’m feeling like I’ve been crowned
Treats galore are never a bore
I’m daddy’s little dude and there’s always plenty of food
I must be a king based on the joy that I bring
I sleep where I want, when I want
Catnip treats and lots of toys are really sweet.
These humans had a need and I’ve done a good deed
A home filled with love, is what I have done.

Beaded Skull Wrap Bracelets

Find me on Etsy here!

Find me on Etsy here!

Find me on Etsy here!

These semi-precious beaded skull wraps are fun for an instant layered look. A bit more pricey than my other items due to the amount of semi-precious beads used in the wraps. Note, these are natural semi precious beads NOT glass. And some contain fresh water pearls, silver and/or 14k gold plated beads. Memory wire never loses it's shape and it's silver plated. There's no closure so they fit any size wrist but please note that they may wrap around less if your wrist measures larger than 7". ( 7" is the most popular). I will gladly try to accomodate any special requests! Please email at