Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY - Hello Kitty Bottle Cap Necklaces

Easy to make!
1. Take organza ribbon and 2 strips of cording (from craft shop), cut desired length and take 2 end cords (craft store) glue end cords using E600 glue and pinch them using chain nose pliers (craft store ).
2. You can buy bottle caps online at scrapbook supply stores or jewelry making supply stores. They even have flattened ones (or you can flatten them if you have a steel block and a hammer).
3. Buy epoxy dots online from shops mentioned above. Best invention ever! For bottle caps you need 1 inch size. Carefully cut out one epoxy dot but leave top cover on and place over desired image. Cut out around epoxy dot. Remove top film.
4. Use a needle file or nail file to file the inside of bottle cap a bit. Dab on E600 glue or hypo cement glue. Place epoxy cut out into bottle cap and let dry five minutes!
5. Hopefully you bought the bottle cap with the attached split ring. But if you're a crafter you most likely have the tools for hole punching and attaching rings. And voila you're done! Unless you want to add beads!

Great online shops for beading supplies: Firemountain Gems, Fusion Beads, Beadaholique!