Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Poetry Contest for The Animal Rescue Site

I entered Athos in the Puppy Love, Kitty Kisses- Photo Poetry Contest through The Animal Rescue Site back on January 20, 2012. Entries had to submit a picture of their rescued pet and a poem about their pet. Well, Phase One of the voting is over and unfortunately my submission didn't make the list of finalists. Booo! Look how adorable he is down below! And if you follow me on Facebook you know how much I adore the little dude! Hmmm, maybe it was my poem? You can read it below and let me know what you think!

 Well, regardless, please vote for the remaining contestants. Everyday that The Animal Rescue Site gets "likes" it gets more money for food and supplies for animals that desperately need it. So if you aren't a fan of their Facebook page please click here and "like" away.

Oh and here's my poem! Tell me what you think!

Athos! The Little Dude! Isn't He Just Adorable?

Athos, The Little Dude!

Litter of three, born in a garage, behind lots of boxes
My brother, sister and I were left like yesterday’s sox’s
After 3 days of whimpers, nothing could be simpler
Discovered by mommy, one look at me and the rest is history
Now living large 25 floors above ground, I’m feeling like I’ve been crowned
Treats galore are never a bore
I’m daddy’s little dude and there’s always plenty of food
I must be a king based on the joy that I bring
I sleep where I want, when I want
Catnip treats and lots of toys are really sweet.
These humans had a need and I’ve done a good deed
A home filled with love, is what I have done.

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