Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chat With Antoine Saba, Art by Antoine

When my husband Al and I first moved into our high rise apartment, we wanted our overall decor to be modern and hip. Once the paint and furnishings were settled on, we desperately needed to dress up the walls but couldn't agree on any art we both liked. One day, our building had one of many events and it was by chance that one of our neighbors, Antoine Saba, was a very talented artist also residing in our building. We purchased a beautiful piece by Antoine that now hangs in our living room and I took a moment to talk with Antoine about his art.

Tell us about yourself

My passion for art started at a young age. Ive always thought that the best teacher was nature, better than any artist. I can spend hours staring at landscapes, rivers, oceans, trees etc. The color schemes, patterns and composition presented to me  in nature provide me with my inspiration to want to take those colors and manipulate them into modern contemporary art forms. My goal is to not recreate a portrait of nature but to capture the essence and beauty of it in my own way.

Art by Antoine Saba
 I have dedicated my life to making art. I enjoy every minute of it and I feel like I am a part of nature when I paint. Nothing makes me happier and I wish to share my passion with the world.  I currently show my work in many galleries in Orange County and was recently named Artist of the Year for the city of Santa Ana in 2011.Here are some of Antoine's beautiful pieces. 

To see more of Antoine's work, please visit http://www.artbyantoine.com/ or email him at info@artbyantoine.com .

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  1. Peace Love Swagger, Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and bring it to your fans. I really love your jewelry and I am glad you have a piece of my work you love as well. Keep moving forward andI will keep following your progress and success.